A Dogs Life When Your Dog Loves You!

We all want our dogs to love us whether we buy them as a puppy or rescue them from the shelter. We fall in love with them immediately and want to show them that same love and affection for the rest of their lives.

Most of us take it as a given that our dogs will love us back, but how do you know if your dog loves you? Since he can't open his mouth and just tell you you can't.

A dogs life when your dog loves you is special when you shower them with treats, toys and accessories. 

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Here are eight ways to tell if your dog loves you:

Cuddles Up With You

If your dog wants physical contact or tries to get up on the sofa to cuddle you, he wants to be near you and considers you a friend. Dogs can be independent but you know they all want affection in some form or another.

Whether it's a simple scratch behind the ear, or hours of snuggling on the sofa, you are one of his main priorities. So give him lots of attention and let him know you feel the same way too.

Would Love to Sleep On Your Bed

So you thought your dog only wanted to sleep on your bed because it's comfier than his. That might be partially true, however experts say the dogs want to sleep with their owners or in their beds because of their canine pack mentality.

A dog usually sleeps next to its pack, and if you're loved by your dog he wants to sleep next to you. Although this can be tough if you have a Great Dane or a breed that's really hairy let your dog sleep close to you as it's a sign of love, or because he likes the look of your memory foam mattress

Comfortable When You Leave the House

Although we often think that our dogs are going crazy when we leave the house, it is a display of love. It can actually sometimes be a worrying sign if your dog is concerned when you leave the house, he barks or runs around it could be a sign that they are worried, you're leaving him, so this is a common trait.

Rescued dogs that have been abandoned will calm down, and after a few times of your coming home, they become nonchalant when you get ready for work, goes to his bed or chills out as you leave the house, then this is a positive sign that he's confident you'll return later.

Goes Crazy When You Come Home

When you get home your dog will most likely be all over you. Whether they were relaxed or not when you left, this is a positive sign.

We've all seen those videos of people coming back from university or a stint in the army and their dog being overjoyed at their return well your return from work feels like this.

Is Playful and Even Rough With You

Your dog wants to play and is rowdy when you're together. Of course there's a difference between a dog playfully roughhousing and being aggressive, so make sure you read the signs.

Follows You Around

Sometimes this can get really annoying. Especially if you're no stranger to your dog lurking outside the bathroom when you're on the toilet or in the shower.

This though is a sign of love. Dogs want to feel close to their friends and don't want to spend too much time without you.

Maintains Eye Contact For Prolonged Periods

If you don't know it or if they are shy they won't make eye contact as it can be seen as intimidating or dominant behavior.

However if your dog makes prolonged eye contact while you're sitting on the couch or out for a walk, it's a display of trust. Love and that he recognizes you as the leader of his pack.

Body Language is Relaxed

One of the main ways to tell if your dog loves you is in his attitude when he's near you. You'll be able to tell if he's completely calm in your presence.

If he shows these signs: floppy ears,not alert, relaxed facial expression, slightly open mouth tongue showing but no teeth, relaxed tail and moving slowly side to side, is generally calm or playful demeanor.

If your dog displays these traits most of the time in your presence he trusts you and loves your company.  

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For details on the latest Dog Toys, Dog Treats, and Dog Beds checkout the menu item links at the top of this page.

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