CAT Supplements

Joint N-11

Supplement with a cutting-edge formula that delivers pure Niacinamide, which is clinically shown to protect joint tissue. Joint N-11 helps ease joint discomfort and promotes flexibility and mobility.

Omega Krill

Supplement that contains Omega3 and its companion nutrients that will fight inflammation to help you resist serious diseases and boost and protect your memory.

Q-ION Immune Defense

Doctor G’s Q-ION Immune Defense is an ER Physician developed product to help protect consumers’ immune systems in this new environment.

Longevity Activator

Longevity Activator is a supplement that works to keep your body younger at the cellular level. That means with Longevity Activator you get to enjoy youthful skin, pain-free joints, sharper brain function, and so much more.

Nerve Renew

NerveRenew is a supplement with a formula that has been designed to support all types of neuropathy and nerve pain. It contains ingredients that have helped people reduce the numbness and tingling in your hands, feet and legs and minimize the feelings of cold or burning in the feet, legs, and hands.

Physio Flora CP

Supplement with an abundance of antioxidants, phytonutrients, and anti-inflammatory compounds that will improve your gut health, improve your thyroid, and blood sugar levels. It is a synergistic blend of 56 prebiotic-rich fermented foods and a blend of 8 plant-based probiotic strains that will fix y…

Blood Sugar Premier

Groundbreaking formula based on the recently rediscovered “Old Testament” of Chinese Medicine. Blood Sugar Premier combines the ancient herbs of Berberine, Curcumin, and Piperine to support healthy blood sugar levels. Supports balanced blood sugar, promotes healthy insulin levels and helps lose body…

Sugar Balance

Dietary supplement that treats the root cause of Diabetes without having to stop eating all the delicious foods you love. It will help you manage your metabolism and feel better.

Heart Health

PhysioTru is a fish oil supplement to fully support your health and help protect your body against the damage inflammation can cause. It contains ALL THREE Omegas, including The Missing Omega: DPA, each in triglyceride form for maximum absorption