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Phone Photography Tricks

Astonishingly Simple Secrets Discovered By Renegade Photographer Transforms Your Smartphone Into A High-Quality DSLR And Captures Jaw-Dropping Gorgeous Photos That Blow Away Your Friends


Wifitron works as a small-sized signal booster, able to enhance your WiFi connection throughout the whole house. Also very easy to use. No fuss, you just have

Clear Visor

With our Clear Visor you can exchange smiles (or angry faces), speak normally, communicate and feel comfortable. Lightweight and breathable, it includes a ventilated area on both sides of the face. Ideal to be worn for long periods of time. It allows you to be connected with the people around you, c…


Snoral magnetically holds your nostrils open making breathing easier and quieter.


The NeckSpa is just what you need to help you get relaxed at the end of every day!

T10 Cooler

T10 Cooler is the latest quick fix when it comes to enjoying a nice, fresh environment during those high temperature months. This device is small, easy to plug and move around the house and you can even charge it through a USB port.

Drone X Pro

DroneX Pro is a precision drone specifically designed to facilitate flight, which makes it perfect for flying inside or for recording photos in action while on the move. Its folding structure and light design make it an essential element for any adventure.

R20 Watch

R20 Watch is an elegantly designed smartwatch that looks after the user’s health as well as provides multiple features. This watch can monitor health parameters like blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm or oxygen in the blood, but on top of all that the device is also capable of performing an ECG o…


qWATCH is the smartwatch for our times. This model has all the advantages of buying an Apple Watch, but at a small fraction of the price!